Optimization requires knowledge of customer and resource locations, and the ability to use that information to develop decision support tools


Sensor Technologies and Networks

Sensor technologies and sensor networks are foundational to geospatial information.  We regularly work with leading technologists to develop and deploy sensors and sensor networks that provide high-resolution geospatial representations of product and individual movements.  Further, we have deep experience identifying novel solutions that use existing commercially avaialbe data products from satellite based sensors.  And in special situations, we have tasked satellites to obtain contemporary data.

Spatial Analysis

Our PhD level data scientists work at forefront of spatial analytics.  We have more than twenty years of experience identifying and using the most appropriate and best techniques to analyze geospatial data.  Results from our analyses provide valuable statistics-based insights into geospatial patterning, and we always provide measures of variance and reliability.

Spatial Models

Results from spatial pattern analyses are only the first step in providing helpful answers to enterprise questions.  We strive to identify elegant representations and predictive models and decision support tools to inform planning and resource distribution.