Strategic resource allocation requires knowledge about those with whom you interact, and a model for informing how future interactions


Customer, Patient, or Client Behavior

Patients, customers, and clients differ among regions and businesses, but we can use existing data to develop reliable custom models to help optimize your resource allocations.  This solution has been especially helpful to small and medium sized clinical and health organizations, such as dentist and independent medical groups.

Most businesses already have access to a trove of records that can be used to analyze and identify individual and group behaviors.  We specialize in identifying and accessing those data, from internal or external sources, and then we use them to develop predictive behavior models.  For example, medical clinics, and most other businesses that schedule appointments, usually have access to all of the information needed to develop useful models that can predict who will show up for appointments, when they will show, and how they will interact when they arrive.

Model Integration and Application

Models are only useful if they are integrated into existing workflows, such that they provide seemless and hassle-free decision support.  Thus, we work with you to identify the best ways to implement information solutions so that the results from our works are integrated into existing platforms in automated and accessible ways.